New Ways of Shopping = Incoming
New Ways of Shopping = Incoming

New Ways of Shopping = Incoming

Posted on 22 Nov 2021

Side hustlers, students, credit newbies, this is for you! Mr Price Money has just launched a brand-new way of shopping on account called Start Up. If you're just starting out in the credit world and need a bit of help getting in, this is it.

Mr Price Money (the financial services division in the Mr Price Group) knows that to get more financial facilities, you need a good credit record! Plus, a healthy credit history = a way better interest rate down the line when it comes to getting bigger things on credit (think that first car!).

So, from where we're standing, to start building a healthy credit record as soon as possible is a no brainer. That's where Start Up comes in! And true to the Mr Price way, it's all about our customer and bringing the value in every way possible.

Now you can shop what you love and start building credit in a way that suits you. We're in it for the long haul. Whether it's keeping up with the latest fashion trends or kitting out your varsity digs, Mr Price Money has the answer with Start Up.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. The "loan term" (that's financial services lingo for how long you have to pay your purchase off) is 4 months.
  2. Every time you shop and swipe your Start Up card, you'll get 50% of what you spent back in FREE Mr Price Mobile data (so make sure you ask for your free sim card next time you're in-store).
  3. Interest is charged on your daily outstanding balance so the sooner you pay your monthly installment the more you save!
  4. Applying is quick and easy, do it now:

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